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What is / referral in Google Analytics? is a type of crawler/bot traffic,. This referral doesn't add any value to your GA or site, quite the opposite it only inflates your reports with useless data.

Source / Medium Sessions / referral 10(100.00%)

Recommended actions to prevent traffic like this in Analytics

Filtering spam/bots individually doesn't have much effect, and it's a real nightmare to maintain.

To efficiently deal with and other junk traffic it is necessary to create a set of optimized filters in your Google Analytics.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Hostname filter for All Ghost spam,
  2. Source filters for Crawlers and Referral Spam,
  3. ISP filter for Common Bot Traffic.

In the following guide you will find step by step instructions to create these optimized filters.


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crawler spam in GA
Traffic Value Junk traffic
Action Required Filter it


  • Name:
  • Medium: referral
  • Type: crawler spam
  • Location: Multiple
  • Hostname: Your hostname
  • Redirect:
  • Page title: homepage title
  • Landing page: crawls multiple pages / lands on homepage

Search trends ""

A few characteristics of this referral: the hostname is Your hostname, the landing page is crawls multiple pages / lands on homepage, and the page title is homepage title.