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What is / referral in Google Analytics? is what is commonly known as ghost spam a type of traffic that has no value and only inflates your GA reports with corrupted data. To keep your Analytics accurate it is crucial to block future hits.

Source / Medium Sessions / referral 10(100.00%)

Required actions to prevent spam in Analytics

First of all, I won't tell you how to filter this particular referral, that would be only a waste of your time.

Filtering spam individually doesn't have much effect, and it's a real nightmare to maintain.

Instead, I'll show you how to do it efficiently, so you can PREVENT most of the junk traffic that reaches your GA. Here is what you will need:

  1. Hostname filter for Ghost spam: 1 filter takes care of 100% of Ghost spam,
  2. Source filter for Crawler spam: these will take care of sneaky spam,
  3. ISP filter for Bot traffic: not spam but equally or even more damaging to your GA.


And to help you get started, you will find step by step instructions to prepare these filters on this guide.

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ghost spam in GA
Traffic Value Junk traffic
Action Required Filter it


  • Name:
  • Medium: referral
  • Type: ghost spam
  • Location: Multiple (Mainly Brazil)
  • Hostname:
  • Redirect: (or third party site infected with malware)
  • Page title: (not set)
  • Landing page: /h/(ga-tracking-id).html

Search trends ""

A few characteristics of this referral: the hostname is, the landing page is /h/(ga-tracking-id).html, and the page title is (not set).