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What is / referral in Google Analytics? is a domain used by Twitter as part of a service to protect users privacy as well as a URL shortener. It also protects Twitter users from malicious sites and malware.

what is referral google analytics

Why is it showing instead of

Whenever you post a link, Twitter automatically transforms it to a link similar to this When someone clicks that link the user first passes through the domain and then they are redirected to the original link you posted. referral twitter

Recommended action

Although most links come as, there are some cases where you will see, this causes your Twitter referral data to be split.

To avoid that you can create a “Search and Replacefilter to convert either all Twitter referrals to or Here is an example of how to use this filter to consolidate referrals.

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Traffic details

fixing google analyitcs sources
Traffic Value Needs fixing
Source / Medium Sessions
1. / referral 35(100.00%)
  • Name:
  • Medium: referral
  • Action: consolidate with other Twitter referrals

Search trends / referral

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